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Birthday Gift Set

This is the birthday gift set (card + cake box) order by my friend

欢迎参观我的面子书小铺 ~
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Birthday gift order by my friend............^_^

欢迎参观我的面子书小铺 ~

Birthday Card ~ 生日卡

A4 size birthday card order by my friend, hope his friend who receive it will like it........^_^

朋友向我订购了一张A4 size的生日卡,希望他的朋友收到后会喜欢。。。。。

欢迎参观我的面子书小铺 ~


Felt Wedding Cake Boxes ~ 结婚蛋糕置物盒 (大) ~ SOLD OUT

This is the kotak penghantaran that order by my malay colleagues that her friend want to use it in her wedding. She ask me to put a wedding couple cartoons on the center of the box and i add in some small flower at the side of the box so that the box look sweet & colourful, hope it can made some different with the others you think with this box, just leave me a message........^_^

* Here is the size for the box *

这是我的马来同事的朋友向我订的“kotak penghantaran",她要用在她的婚礼上,她要用来装小蛋糕,我觉得这是不错的主意。。。。。那小蛋糕就能和这盒子一起亮相在婚礼上咯。。。。。^_^她还特别要求我做一队小卡通放在盒子的中间, 我也特别在盒子的四边加上小花朵,以便它多些色彩。你们觉得还可以吗?欢迎留言给我。。。。^_^

" view from the top....^_^"

欢迎参观我的面子书小铺 ~