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Pink Painther ~ 粉红豹

Pink Painther....can be a nice decoration in your house or also can be a stationery case on your writing table....^_^

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Hair clips that i do 1st time

sunflower hairclip

this is the 1st time i done this 4 hairclips........for me is so so only....must try to do best later.....

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Mashimaro ~ 睡兔

mashimaro , do u like it......????

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Sweet box for Estee ~ 给Estee的礼物 ~ (SOLD OUT)

this is the gift that i want to give to Estee...hope she will like it ...and i put some sweet inside the cake box....hope she like what the things i put into the box...sweet sweet everyday..happy & smile always .............^_^

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free counters

Felt Pouch ( 不织布袋子)

The first handphone pouch that i done it for myself.......^_^

The felt pouch for my sister................

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Customer Order

Fridge magnet order by my customer

birthday gift order by my customer

45 pieces fridge magnet order by my customer as her farewell gift to all her colleagues....^_^

10 pieces cake fridge magnet order by my customer

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Sachet ( 香包)

sachet can be place it in car bedroom or whatever place you want to put.......^_^

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Handmade card (手作卡)

Handmade Card for my friend.......^_^ gambateh friend

Handmade Wedding Card ( 手作结婚卡)~ (SOLD OUT)

big size wedding card that i done it for one of my friend.........happy wedding!!!! ^_^

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Handmade Birthday Card ( 手作生日卡)

handmade birthday cards, which one u like???? cake ? car or cutie pig birthday card? ^_^

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Handphone Holder ( 手提电话座)~ (SOLD OUT)

Handphone holder for my friend as him birthday gift ^_^

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Soap Shoe (香皂鞋)

soap shoe ~ Yellow colour
soap shoe ~ Green colour
soap shoe ~ White colour

soap shoe ~ Pink colour

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Art of Paper ~ Crazy Frog ( 纸娃娃 ~ 小青蛙)

crazy u like it!!!!! >.<

Art of Paper ~ Garfield ( 纸娃娃 ~ 咖啡猫) ~ (SOLD OUT)

Garfield.......can send it as a birthday gift to birthday boy / girl........cute & specila gift......^_^

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Art of Paper ~ Doraemon & Doraemi ( 纸娃娃 ~ 小叮当与小叮铃)~ (SOLD OUT)

cute cute doraemon & her sister doraemi..........^_^

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Cake Fridge Magnet (小蛋糕冰箱贴)~ (SOLD OUT)

colourful cake magnet, colourful your life ^_^

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Felt Cake Boxes ( 蛋糕置物盒)~ (SOLD OUT)

This box is special made for my colleagues farewell gift, she like it very much when she received it.I'm also feel happy that she like it, it can be a jewellry box...can put your watches, ear rings & etc......inside in the box......also a nice decorations for your house......^_^

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Key Chain( 小挂饰)

* egg sushi & layer cake key chain *

* nice to be use in handphone, handbag, key set *

* donut , layer cake , & etc key chain *

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